Digital Health

KISS – Keep Infants Safe and Strong

KISS is a student project guided by Prof. Dr. Alina Huldtgren. Focusing on user-centered design, the project aims to create a design concept and interactive prototype of a mobile application that specializes in first aid for babies and children.

Hardly any day goes by when young children do not hurt themselves. Bruises are often harmless and can be quickly forgotten with ice cream. Nevertheless, young parents worry often. Sometimes it is not just a small scratch, but something poisonous that was swallowed, a mysterious rash appears or the child has burned itself. Action must be taken quickly. But how? What exactly does the child have? And which treatment is the right one?

The smartphone is always with you and can help in emergencies. Currently, the range of first aid apps is limited and their User Interface (UI) is not adapted to user guidance in stressful situations. Information is often difficult to access and sometimes the UI is even confusing.

In this project we create a prototypical mobile application that provides support in stressful situations. To achieve this goal, User-Centered Design is used to identify the potential user group and their feelings, thoughts and actions in stressful situations. Based on user-research through surveys and interviews, user-requirements are identified and used to design the application in an intuitive and easy-to-use way to support parents in preparing and acting in emergency situations or when their children are ill. The figure below shows the process.