Digital Health

CoCre-Hit – Co-Creation in the Digital Health Sector

In the digital health sector, co-creation processes are fundamentally important in order to create a human-centred service or product. The main goal of the accompanying research project CoCre-Hit is to implement co-creation in the developing process of new technologies and services right from the beginning. To support the other research projects of the call “Hybrid interaction systems to maintain health even in exceptional situations “, who are funded by the federal ministry of education and research and the VDI/VDE.

The University of Düsseldorf (HSD) provides the expertise in the field of conveying theoretical references to co-creation from media informatics, in particular human-technology interaction. Here the focus is on methodical and supportive services for specific workshop offers in the context of co-design, value-sensitive design, research-through-design, design thinking and design fiction, as well as the analysis of these offers as part of the research work. In addition, one of the central tasks of the HSD is the development of the interactive online platform with online repository as well as digital advice and networking formats.

In the accompanying project, scientific experts from the fields of (public) health, gerontology and nursing work together to contextualize the application of participation approaches and methods of co-creation in the development of hybrid interaction technologies with regard to health and nursing care. They inform, advise and support the other research projects on topics such as quality of life in health and care, vulnerability and participation, but also on health and risk communication.

Partners and associated partners: UniSiegen (coordinator), GAT / Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, Hochschule Ravensburg Weingarten, Bayrisches Zentrum Pflege Digital (Kempten), SIBIS, Fraunhofer FIT, Hühnergötter.