About us

We are a growing team of researchers and students in the area of human-computer interaction at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. Dr. Alina Huldtgren is the founder of the group and works as professor of digital health and intelligent user interfaces in the faculty of media. Her background is interdisciplinary comprising technical knowledge in the development of interactive systems and expertise in user-centered, participatory and value-sensitive technology design methods. Within the team we also have knowledge of web design, user research, workshop organization, prototyping, 3D printing, Arduino development and evaluation of interactive systems.



Recent Work

We have recently finished several projects in the area of technologies for people with dementia and their caregivers. Currently we work on a first aid app for parents and stress-reducing musical interfaces.

Technology-assisted Therapy
“Traumreise” – Exploring the use of multisensory digital media in dementia groups
Fabian Mertl, Alina Fröhlich, Nadine Meissler, Lena Wiek and Alina Huldtgren
Proceedings of Pervasive Health Conference 2019
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Our Team

Prof. Dr. Alina Huldtgren
Team leadership, Digital Health, HCI, Co-Design
M.Sc. Fabian Mertl
HCI, Digital Health, Prototyping
B.Sc. Aylin Cin
UI/ UX Design
B.Sc. Karoline Marzi
UX Research
Thilo Reinhard
Prototyping, Tech Support